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360° operational approach.

Innovative IT solutions.

The agile design of our premium telemedicine solution allows customization according to your business industry. Octodoc meets all the needs of the health care ecosystem, from private medical networks or sectors governed by the Ministry of Health, pharmaceutical manufacturers, schools, to commercial centres and business offices.

The interactive kiosk is easily portable and generates multiple competitive advantages for our partners, from targeted promotion programs on the local health care market, to increasing customer and employee loyalty through the added value that is generated through extra medical benefits.

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Beyond promises,

Business results.

Leadership and sales team with over 20 years of innovation expertise, both B2B and B2C.

Superior custom-IT integration results with leading telecommunication and hardware technology partners.

National infrastructure for IT distribution, installation and maintenance, with over 90 senior engineers.

Experience in large scale digitalization projects (e.g. hardware infrastructure for the „Online School 2020” Program).

Access to competitive, next generation multimedia equipment and interactive systems.

Video call center infrastructure and customer support team with multichannel competences.

Operational culture that is focused on design thinking and customer centricity principles.

Expert partners for built-in compliance and security for hardware and data management.

Agile design team for building end-to-end, 360° scalable business solutions.

Competition accelerates the rhythm.

Collaboration transforms everything.
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