Octodoc’s core purpose is to support the evolution of the health care ecosystem in Romania through state-of-the-art telemedicine technologies, aiming to bridge the patient-doctor gap and help everyone get access to remote medical assistance – from both urban and rural areas.

Value system


As an ambassador of the global digital transformation movement, Octodoc is a technological pioneer that brings an intuitive 360° approach to the telemedicine sector.


Respect and care for the medical ecosystem shape the Octodoc culture, it focuses on the needs of the users, aiming to provide a superior experience, through adaptability, collaboration, and ergonomics.


Octodoc is defined by social impact and sense of community by helping patients and doctors interact in an efficient digital medium, which is accessible for the disadvantaged population too.


Evolution is the determination to make a difference through effort and professional conduct. Octodoc aims to support the progress of the medcare system through technology and education.