For patients

Octodoc Advantages

Octodoc Advantages

Remote medical consultations

See the right doctor without traveling long distances. It’s like having your own video-clinic for medical recommendations and prescriptions for tests and meds.

Covered health care services

You can enjoy all the benefits of your C.A.S. insurance, with no additional fees. If needed, you will also be able to choose paid online medical services.

Electronic medical prescriptions

The doctor renews your prescription or changes your treatment plan – 100% online. Plus, you can print your medical documents from the Octodoc kiosk in your area.

Virtually assisted telemedicine

Octodoc is disability-friendly, easy to use also by people with locomotor, visual, or communication impairments. At the kiosk, a support agent will guide you step by step.

Routine medical tests

You can get a basic pre-consult on the spot, using the intuitive Octodoc technology – measurements: blood pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse, temperature, etc.

Online and telephone support

Our free telephone line is open 7/7 for appointments. Plus, you can schedule consultations by using the Octodoc application on your computer or phone.

The Octodoc kiosk is disability-friendly, usable also by people with locomotor, visual, or communication impairments.

Onsite routine tests are available depending on Octodoc models and configurations from kiosks near you.

The Octodoc patient experience

“I saved a lot of hours that I usually spent on the road or standing in line! I have trouble walking, I have back pains. Now I travel to see the doctor at the hospital only when he calls me in for a physical examination. Meds and consultations are solved at the Octodoc kiosk.”

Ecaterina Barbu | Retired citizen, Odobești Commune

“Don’t have a tensiometer at home, and we don’t have a family doctor in the village. Now I come here and do a self-check. If I’m sick, I talk to a doctor for treatment or tests. The young lady in the video helps me check my blood pressure and schedule doctor appointments.”

Paul Maior | Retired citizen, Pralea Village

“Very kind the Octodoc girls! They help me check my temperature, my blood pressure… to weigh myself. And the doctors give me my prescription and tell me when to go to the hospital for tests.”

Florica Panait | Retired citizen, Călțuna Village