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Octodoc Advantages

Octodoc Advantages

Intuitive telemedicine

E-medicine is the future. The intelligent Octodoc platform is here to help you adapt to the digital world, quick and effortless, all while making your work way easier.

Better data management

You manage patient files more efficiently. You have the entire medical history at hand and you can digitally issue prescriptions and tests, all with maximum data security.

Increased number of patients

You can reach more people who live far away, all while helping patients from vulnerable groups too. Plus, your number of consultations grows and your income increases.

Superior digital experience

With Octodoc’s hybrid kiosk technology you can perform a basic patient check before the online consultation (e.g. ECG, oxygen saturation, etc.). You exceed the virtual boundaries.

Advanced IT equipment

Forget about old computer problems and focus more on your medical practice. Octodoc users benefit from technology they can really rely on.

Better time management

The Octodoc innovation and the customer support team will take away the strain of managing appointments. You will have more time to deal with what matters.

The Octodoc kiosk is disability-friendly, usable also by people with locomotor, visual, or communication impairments.

Onsite routine tests are available depending on Octodoc models and configurations from kiosks near your patients.

The Octodoc team is also developing a free IT equipment upgrade program for doctors. We will come back with news.

The Octodoc doctor experience

“Very useful and easy to use! It’s like having my own online clinic. I have more patients than before, and I can check on them more often! “

Andreea Olteanu | General Practitioner, Giurgiu

“It’s easier to manage appointments and medical prescriptions, and I have more time for my patients.”

Anton Paraschiv | General Practitioner, Brăila

“Finally, I can counsel my patients who live tens of miles away in a civilised way, without asking them to travel without medical reasons!”

Eugen Bunescu | General Practitioner, Buzău